2016 International SPONSE Workshop - Thursday, 31 March



If you would like to take a look at the programme for this year's event, please click here.
Please click on the links below to download abstracts by the speakers at this year's SPONSE International Workshop.



Release of Code of Practice for the Design, Installation and Seismic restraint of Suspended Ceilings.



Reducing Damage to Non-structural Components in Earthquakes– Practical Considerations



Sustainable and Low Cost Room Seismic Isolation For Essential Care Unites of Hospitals in Developing Countries



Content Sliding Research at the University of Canterbury



Seismic Design for Non-Structural Building Elements - An Architect's Perspective



Resilience Estimation of Urban Engineering Systems Under Earthquakes



Performance of Non-structural Elements in our Buildings - The Value Proposition



Seismic Performance of Non-structural Elements (SPONSE)



Mechanical Properties of Plasterboards: Experimental Tests and Statistical Analysis



Regulation of Non-Structural Building Elements in New Zealand



Unstable Behavior of Suspended Ceiling During Earthquakes



Lessons from Recent Experimental and Analytical Studies on Seismic Performance of US-Style Ceiling/Piping/Partition Systems



Seismic Demands on Engineering Systems in Buildings



Experimental Investigation on Seismic Performance of Traditional and Low-Damage Ceiling Systems



Low Damage Non-Structural Walls



Seismic Performance of Engineering Systems in Buildings. Current Non-Compliance





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