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Our intrepid horse trekkers on the border between Argentina and Chile 4000metres above sea level.


There are many ways to get to a conference, but this must be one of the most novel. Read about Greg Preston’s six-day horse trek to the 16WCEE in Chile.


Quake Centre Manager Greg Preston arrived in a rather unusual way to the 16th World Conference on Earthquake Engineering (16WCEE) held in Santiago, Chile.


Greg and his travelling companions took a 6-day trek from Argentina, across the Andes ranges to arrive in Chile on horseback.


“We had beautiful weather the whole way,” says Greg, who described the breathtaking view from his sturdy saddle as similar to the mountainous scree and snow slopes of Aoteroa’s Southern Alps, “but thrust up another 1000 - 3000 metres. Two of the passes we crossed were at an altitude of 4000 metres.”


“It was a good adventure, something a bit different and a real highlight to think we were crossing in the footsteps of the great San Martín.”


He’s referring to national hero of Argentina and Peru, José de San Martín, Liberation leader of Spanish South America from the clutches of the Spanish Empire in 1816 - and who famously crossed the Andes on horseback as part of his successful military operation.


Modern day trail blazers helping to liberate earthquake engineering from seismic destruction, were those in attendance at the 9-13 January 2017, 16WCEE.


Held every four years in earthquake hot spots around the world and organised by the International Association of Earthquake Engineering, this year’s theme was ‘Resilience, the new challenge in earthquake engineering’


Read more about Greg Preston's experience at the 16WECC here












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