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The UC Quake Centre is proud to partner with – 


Batchelar McDougall Consulting.


Batchelar McDougall Consulting is committed to a partnership with the UC Quake Centre to help improve community resilience in Christchurch, and throughout New Zealand, following the devastation of the Canterbury Earthquakes.


Enjoying an excellent industry-wide reputation for high quality, intelligent engineering solutions, Batchelar McDougall Consulting (BMC) provide “structural engineering design services to architects, developers, construction companies and home owners on a diverse range of residential, commercial and community based building projects throughout New Zealand.”*


Directors Warren Batchelar and Graham McDougall joined forces as BMC in 2007 and, with offices in both Wanaka & Christchurch, bring over 50 years of combined engineering experience to the company. BMC now has a highly skilled and practiced expert team of over twenty staff to deliver cost effective, intelligent and robust engineering solutions to project requirements and the construction process.


With extensive experience in a wide range of projects both large and small, nationally and internationally, BMC specialises in the structural design and assessment of buildings and can assist with the Geotechnical and Civil engineering aspects of the process as well.


Due to their extensive involvement in the Christchurch Earthquake Recovery, BMC has gained a high level of expertise in detailed building assessment, and a comprehensive understanding of building behaviour in a seismic event. Through this work they are now able to more accurately optimize the strength and resilience in the structural design and construction of buildings for repair, rebuild or a new build.


BMC are proud of their staff, their work and their client relationships and they are proud to partner with UC Quake Centre. They will strive to provide successful outcomes and positive experiences here for Canterbury communities.


* Website: bmconsult.co.nz







































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