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Holcim is committed to a partnership with UC Quake Centre to help improve community resilience in Christchurch, and throughout New Zealand, following the devastation of the Canterbury Earthquakes.


With more than 40 sites across the country and an involvement in the New Zealand construction industry that dates back to 1888, Holcim (New Zealand) Ltd is proud to be part of the Holcim Group. One of the world's leading suppliers of cement, aggregates and construction-related services represented world-wide in around 70 countries.


For more than 120 years the Company's vision ‘of providing the foundations for society's future,’ has gone from strength to strength. Holcim is built on a solid reputation of delivering the best solutions for their customers through care, performance and passion.


To ensure their continued success the company also places sustainable development at the core of their business strategy - to meet the needs of the present without compromising the needs of future generations.


Overseen by Chief Executive Officer, Mark Campbell, Holcim demonstrates global leadership based on strong local relationships. Committed to being ‘a good neighbour’ in the communities in which the company operates, Holcim is proud to help local groups through volunteering and funding to improve educational, social and cultural development in those communities.


The company is also proud of their donation to help establish the UC Quake Centre, to provide research, education, and information to the public on earthquake engineering. The Quake Centre is helping to better understand and mitigate seismic risk and to develop engineering solutions that create resilient communities.


The city of Christchurch still has a lot of issues to deal within its communities and it will be a number of years before the rebuild is complete, but Holcim can see that many exciting opportunities are presenting themselves as the city reinvents itself.


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