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Stronger Christchurch Infrastructure Rebuild Team


From infrastructure to the Internet, SCIRT is literally laying down a legacy for the future generations of Christchurch. Calling the opportunity “too good to miss”, SCIRT has partnered with UC Quake Centre, Resilient Organisations and UC Ceismic to form the SCIRT Learning Legacy.


The SCIRT catalogue of projects, as well as the entire Alliance contract approach, is currently being captured and documented, and the first stage began in January 2014.


A new website is shortly to go live in its ‘beta phase,' with interesting stories, photographs, interviews and projects set to be uploaded in the next few months.


The finite nature of SCIRT has long been on the minds of those in the sector, and the Learning Legacy is a small yet significant antidote to that. The website has been implemented for not only New Zealanders, but for international communities in high hazard zones. At the Quake Centre, we believe in sharing what we have learned with everyone – from school children interested in the roads around their suburbs, to engineers looking to improve the resilience of cities, to governments looking at how to start their own rebuild after a natural disaster.


We know this knowledge base will be used for many years to come, and is going to be stored and displayed in the most versatile, accessible way possible. Keep your eyes peeled for the next stage of development as this project really starts to gain momentum.











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