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Leading Academic’s Visit Embodies Quake Centre Purpose


The visit of a leading U.S. quake researcher around the time of the 5th anniversary of the February 22nd quake epitomises everything that the UC Quake Centre is about, according to its Director, Dr. Robert Finch.


Dr. Robert Finch has been Director of the Centre since its establishment in 2010. He says the visit of Professor Michel Bruneau is particularly exciting because it brings together all of the things that the Quake Centre was established to do.


“The Quake Centre was set up to bring everybody together for the benefit of both academia and industry, and the target was to get industry support from day one. In fact, the Quake Centre only exists because of industry.”


The UC Quake Centre has a unique approach that sees it focus as much on providing value to associated industries as on contributing to academic research. As a result of Professor Bruneau’s visit, a report will be compiled for Quake Centre partners giving them an in-depth look at the factors that are driving post-quake construction decisions in Canterbury.


“There are a number of factors that contribute to these decisions and there is real value for those advising clients – consulting engineers, in this case – in understanding what those factors are, how the rebuild is being approached, and how the Christchurch experience is relevant to other parts of New Zealand.”


Dr. Finch says it is pleasing, five years in, to be able to show tangible value for the investment that industry has made.


“While there are the technical aspects you would expect from quake engineering research, there is so much more to be gained. From a business perspective, projects like this help our clients to better advise their clients in future and provide an enormous amount of data to help inform decisions.”











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