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Research Register Goes Live


One of the main objectives of the Quake Centre is to bridge the gap between industry and academia. It’s a pairing that’s crucial to ensuring that the research being carried out has a real-world application and feeds back into our partners in the sector who offer the support that’s integral in allowing our research to take place.


With so many research projects taking place across a variety of disciplines, the Quake Centre has set up its very own Research Register. The register, which can be accessed on our website here, outlines all the projects – past, present and potential future that are being undertaken with support from the Quake Centre.


Quake Centre Project Manager Cathy Gillespie has overseen the setup of the Research Register and sees the new resource as a critical tool for showcasing the groundbreaking research that is taking place under the guidance of the Quake Centre.


“Whilst it is still a work in progress, we hope that this new design will foster a greater understanding by our partners of how the UC Quake Centre is a leading light in earthquake resilience thinking not only New Zealand, but in the international arena as well.”


The inaugural Quake Centre workshop, held in September 2015, showcased a number of the projects to our funding partners, along with progress to date and the expected industry benefits.


The presentations allowed attendees to get a deeper insight into each project and highlighted the value that this type of research adds to the industry and community at large. That deeper level of information formed the basis for repopulating the Research Register into the new format.


In addition to the Research Register, those interested in taking another look at the presentations from our workshop can now access them online. Each presentation can be downloaded here.























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