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An injection of $12.5 million in funding will mean important research projects focused on seismic resilience are secured and can help New Zealand to become a world leader in this field.


Game-changer for construction in New Zealand


An injection of $12.5 million in funding will mean important research focused on improving the resilience and performance of New Zealand’s built environment and supporting innovation in our building and construction industry can continue.


The government and industry partnership funding, awarded over seven years, will help pave the way for the next exciting phase of innovative research to come out of the University of Canterbury’s (UC) Quake Centre.


Securing the $5 million MBIE Partnership award means that new and existing research, aimed at achieving better sustainability and resilience of buildings and horizontal infrastructure, has a sound future.


Quake Centre Director, Dr. Robert Finch, is leading the research programme that will stand to benefit from the funding entitled, Building Innovation: Infrastructure Systems Engineered for Improved Value and Resilience (Building Innovation Partnership).


Dr. Finch is working with the UC’s Ada Rutherford Professor of Architectural Engineering, and Building Innovation Partnership Research Director, Dr. Larry Bellamy, and a team of experts from industry and academia.


Professor Bellamy says the $12.5 million Building Innovation Partnership will help transform the New Zealand building and construction industry into a world-leader. “It’s very significant because it enables the building industry to undertake a substantial programme of research, focused on innovative digital and material technologies.”


“The knowledge, information and know-how coming out of the Building Innovation Partnership will support the development of a smarter, more productive and more competitive building industry including digital design and construction methods, integrated asset management methods and resilient construction systems.”   


In short, it’s more dollars directed towards improving the performance of buildings and infrastructure and the well-being of communities, therefore a great fit moving forward for the work that the Quake Centre does.


“Landing the funding is a pretty exciting proposition,” says Dr. Finch. “This the first time central government has matched our industry partner funding. What’s really brilliant is that there’s potential here to significantly improve the productivity, accuracy and quality of what built assets look like and how they are managed on both a national and global scale.”













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