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A real highlight of my year so far, was attending the Reduction of Seismic Risk (ROSE) School’s international conference in Pavia, Italy. Although the conference was on the other side of the world, there was a special Christchurch connection that is worth acknowledging.

Prof. Nigel Priestley is a name that will be familiar to many reading this. Trusted voices in the field referred to him as the ‘godfather of earthquake engineering’. Following stints at the University of Canterbury and the University of California, he went on to make his mark in Italy, where he co-founded the ROSE School, in Pavia. 


Sadly, Prof. Priestley passed away last year after a battle with cancer. It was therefore fitting that the annual event was this year renamed ‘The International Nigel Priestley Seminar’, a sign of his legacy and lasting impact in the world of Earthquake Engineering. If you'd like to know more about Prof. Priestley and his many achievements, please click on the link below.


It was a huge honour to chair one of the seminars at the conference. With our special connection to the School, it was both an opportunity to look back, but also to look forward to the new advances in the sector - and ensure that the Quake Centre is keeping up with the latest thinking internationally.











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