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5 Questions with Prof. Jan Evans-Freeman from the University of Canterbury.


1. Why do you think UCQC is important professionally?

The UCQC is hosted by the University of Canterbury's College of Engineering, and acts as a clear portal for industry and other academics into world class expertise into engineering for earthquake safety and resilience.


2. Why do you support UCQC personally?

As Pro-Vice-Chancellor (PVC) of the College of Engineering at the University of Canterbury, I am proud of the considerable research and development excellence in many aspects of earthquake engineering that exist in the College, and delighted that industry has recognised this with their very considerable financial support.


3. What’s your professional background and what do you bring to the UCQC?

Apart from being the PVC and having responsibility for the strategic directions of the College, I am also a Board member on Transpower and IPENZ, and I bring knowledge of major infrastructure issues in New Zealand, and a view on the professional responsibilities of engineers.


4. How important is the link between industry and academic sectors?

Without this link, our research cannot be meaningful to society, therefore it is essential.


5. What are your hopes/vision for what the UCQC will provide?

I would wish for an enduring Centre, closely linked to research and issues of national importance, that becomes the go-to place for engineering solutions for a range of different companies and industries.










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