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Quake Centre management and staff have travelled full circle after a tiki-tour around the University of Canterbury (UC), as part of campus-wide renovations, following the Canterbury earthquake sequence of 2010-2011.


Back home at last...


“When the Quake Centre (QC) was first initiated - during the Canterbury earthquake period - we were in, what was then called, the Sutherland suite, part of the UC’s Engineering core block,” says Quake Centre Director, Robert Finch.


“Once plans were underway to refurbish the Engineering building and laboratories we were decanted (like fine wine!) out of the Sutherland suite and into the Ōtakaro building.”


“It was a smaller space on campus than what we were used to, but we managed to shoehorn our way in.”


QC staff and management spent a year there but when the Centre of Research Excellence (QuakeCoRE) was funded and formed on the 1st of January 2016 it was recognised that it would be good for the two to co-locate.


“There was not enough space at the

Ōtakaro building to house both the QC and QCoRE,” says Rob, “so we relocated to another temporary digs, on level four of the Biological Sciences building.” 


While Quake Centre staff still remain in the biological sciences building, management have now shifted back to the recently reopened and completely refurbished Engineering Core Block.


It is expected that in late August 2017, the rest of QC staff and QCoRE, will finally relocate back to the civil mechanical Engineering building.



“Quake Centre management are now back in the same spot physically as the original Southerland Suite was,“ says Rob, “but it’s a completely new space.”


An extensive redevelopment means the offices are now modern and fit for purpose, and we are back very close to the Engineering departments which is really good.


“One attractive aspect of our new facility is that we’re in a fantastic, new, highly visible location - at the main entrance to Engineering straight off Creyke Road - so there’s good exposure for Partner branding and easy access for our Partners.”


“We have a lovely new meeting room catering for up to 10 -12 people. The QC board can meet here and it’s good for us to be able provide a work space for visiting industry Partners and for collaborative projects.”


“We’re in the main thoroughfare of engineering so it’s  a great opportunity to have direct contact with external visitors and students or spot and flag down people on their way past.”












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