"It takes an earthquake to remind us that we walk on the crust of an unfinished earth...


1994 In Sunday Morning,




Across the 'Shaky Isles'


Although Christchurch has primarily taken  the spotlight for earthquake research activity in New Zealand over the past five years, in reality there is incredible work going on around the country – and nowhere more prominently than at the University of Auckland.


Quake Centre partner UoA have

been developing new ways of thinking and doing some incredible research, ranging from work around Lightly Reinforced Concrete Walls to increasing reliability and reducing risk. Their scope has been substantive and wide-ranging.


The UC Quake Centre is all about partnering with such academic institutions and commercial operations to further knowledge and insights into the minutae of earthquake engineering and its implications for the sectors involved and the public at large.


We celebrate all the amazing work being undertaken and the worthwhile results being achieved.







Italy, like New Zealand, is no stranger to earthquakes



Professor Pierre Quenneville talks about the exciting times ahead for Civil Engineering


Dr. Masoud Moghaddasi, a senior structural engineer based at the University of Auckland.





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